Sophie Glasser

Founder, Owner, and Lead Instructor

My name is Sophie Glasser and I am the owner and lead instructor at The Pilates Cave. At the age of 11, I began training as a competitive dancer. I found pilates to be the perfect cross training, as it helped strengthen my technique and rehabilitated my dance-related injuries. At the end of high school, I began experiencing distressing hormonal imbalances and decided to embark on a mission to achieve health and well-being. I decided to study Nutrition and Exercise Science at UC Berkeley to become more knowledgeable about health, the body, and the impact that exercise has on you. I found that the workouts that were strenuous on my body, dramatically increased the levels of cortisol in my body, and were actually detrimental to my health goals. Being able to work out was something that I did not want to give up, as it had become so important for my mental health. 

However, I needed to find a workout that was able to tone my body without causing extreme stress to it. That is when I fell in love with pilates and never went back. Pilates was able to get my body to the healthiest and strongest place it has been and I have now consistently been practicing for several years. After seeing what a difference it has made in my life, I decided to get certified to help other people who are struggling with hormonal imbalances, mental and physical health challenges, or even those looking to add a new activity to their routine. Now, my dream of owning my own studio where I can help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals has come true. Thank you for being a part of my journey.